Operational amplifiers is essential for various electronic devices, 
such as sensor devices and industrial robots.

However, some output variations are large or output values are shifted 
due to temperature influences.

Although it is one effective way to adjust by software to compensate for variations,
Will not you have trouble that?

ABLIC S-89630AB, zero-drift CMOS operational amplifier realizes a low offset voltage, or about 1/100 of the bipolar amplifier.
It contributes to reduce the time and cost which were involved in output correction.


S-89630AB Features

  • Enables to amplify minute signal  with high precision  and
     without being affected by temperature .
       Input offset voltage           : 
     max. 50μV    
       Input offset voltage drift  :  typ. 25nV/℃

  •  24V input compatible.  You can use this in a high voltage system.
       Operation power supply voltage range  :  4.0V to 36.0V

  • Supports designing freely  with a wide signal width .
       Rail-to-Rail input and output operation


S-89630AB Specifications

  •  Dual operational amplifier (2 circuits) 
  •  Operation power supply voltage range  :  4.0V to 36.0V (Single supply),
                                                                                         ±2.0 V to ±18.0 V (Dual supply)
  •  Operation temperature range                   :  Ta=-40℃ to +125℃
  •  Input offset voltage                                     :  ±50μV max.(Ta=-40℃~+125℃)
  •  Input offset voltage drift                            :  ±25nV/℃ typ. , ±120nV/℃ max. (VDD=30.0V)
  •  Rail-to-Rail input
  •  Rail-to-Rail output
  •  Current consumption (per circuit)            :  250μA typ.
  •  Gain-bandwidth product                            :  1.2 MHz typ.
  •  Slew rate                                                        :  0.45V/μS typ.
  •  Package                                                         :  TMSOP-8



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