Battery protection ICs for 1-cell pack

S-82M1A/N1A/N1B Series


Goals for wearables
like wireless earphones or smart watches

  •   Extend battery life 
    for tiny battery-operated devices

  •  Reduce battery consumption and
     prevent deep discharge
    during product storage and non-use

  • Simplify circuit configuration 
     for higher safety

1-cell battery protection ICs with the world’s lowest* current consumption during operation of 990nA max.

S-82M1A/N1A/N1B Series
meet these goals

S-82M1A Series Download datasheet

S-82N1A Series Download datasheet

S-82N1B Series Download datasheet

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Further improving the safety of wearable devices 
-Battery protection ICs with ultra-low current consumption-

S-82M1A/N1A/N1B Series Features


Contributes to longer battery life and higher safety

S-82M1A/N1A/N1B Series
deliver the world's lowest* current consumption during operation of 990nA max.
In addition to a power-saving function, charge-discharge control function and other high-performance features, they also have the world's lowest current consumption during operation.
And an overcharge detection voltage accuracy of ±15mV places them in the industry’s high-accuracy top class.

Circuit diagram of S-82N1B

Prevents battery capacity dropping to zero and deep discharge

In the S-82N1B Series, an external input to the PS (power-saving signal input) pin will activate the power-saving function and disable battery discharge.
Simultaneously, the protection IC itself suppresses current consumption to 50nA max.
When the product is in storage and not used, this function extends the time until battery voltage drops to zero protecting the product from deep discharge and contributing to better safety.

Circuit diagram of S-82M1A

Provides high-accuracy overcurrent protection

The S-82M1A Series uses an external current detection resistor to reduce the impact of temperature changes to deliver high-accuracy overcurrent protection.


Circuit diagram of S-82N1A

Delivers charge-discharge control and thermal protection

In the S-82N1A Series, an external input to the CTL (charge-discharge control signal input) pin activates the charge-discharge control function and disables battery charge and discharge. By connecting a PTC thermistor to the CTL pin, the IC delivers thermal protection by disabling charging and discharging of the battery pack at high temperatures.


S-82M1A Series Download datasheet

S-82N1A Series Download datasheet

S-82N1B Series Download datasheet


  • Wireless earphone
  • Smartwatch
  • Hearing aid
  • Activity meter band    
  • Headset
  • Glass-like device
Application of S-82M1A/N1A/N1B

Battery Protection ICs Lineup


Product name S-82M1A S-82N1A S-82N1B
  For general-use
Number of cells 1-cell
Product type, function Sense resistor Charge-discharge control Power-saving 
Overcharge detection voltage (Accuracy)  3.5V to 4.6V (±15mV) 
Overdischarge detection voltage (Accuracy)  2.0V to 3.0V (±50mV) 
Discharge overcurrent detection voltage (Accuracy)  0.003V to 0.100V (±3mV) 
Current consumption during operation 600nA typ., 990nA max. (Ta = +25°C)
Current consumption during power-down 50nA max. (Ta = +25°C)
Package SNT-6A
Operation temperature range Ta= -40°C to +85°C
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
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