Automotive, 125℃ operation, 36V input,
500mA, Built-in
Window Watchdog Timer Linear Regulator with Reset Function

S-19516/7,S-19519 Series

New single chip ideal for multifunctional automotive MCUs

  • The Low noise LDO regulator
    delivers up to 500mA
    of output current.

  • Single chip integrating LDO, VD and WDT
    reduces footprint and simplifies circuit design.

  •  High-accuracy
    WDT function with ultra-low current consumption
    reduces dark current and guarantees safety.

Automotive125℃ operation
36V input   LDO +  VD +WDT 

S-19519 Series

S-19516/7 Series Download datasheet

S-19519 Series Download datasheet

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Respond to the increase in power consumption due to multifunctional and safer MCUs.


 Single chip for handling the requirements of a multifunctional MCU

The increasing functionality of MCUs and automotive devices has increased the amount of current they require.
Power supply ICs capable of delivering high current are therefore in great demand.

S-19516/7 and the S-19519 Series
 - are equipped with an LDO regulator capable of handling 500mA. The capability of this LDO regulator to supply high current solves problems such as the switching noise generated by DC-DC converters and increase in external parts.

 - The integrated watchdog timer (WDT) and reset (VD) functions help simplify circuit design.

 - In addition, these functions provide an ultra-low self-current consumption of 3.0μA typ.*, which is indispensable to reducing dark current.
(*S-19516/7 Series)


 "Window mode WDT" detects MCU faults with high accuracy

Automotive devices need to be safe and require WDT capable of reliably detecting MCU faults.

The S-19516/7 and the S-19519 Series are equipped with a “window mode WDT.”
This mode is able to detect not only long-period absence of input signals from an MCU but also short-period repeated signal input (double pulse) as faults.

> Description of window mode advantages


 Enable pin for further reduction of dark current

The S-19519 Series has an Enable (EN) pin that can set the entire IC to standby state.

When S-19519 operation is turned OFF,
 - Dark current drops to roughly 0 when the power supply to the MCU is stopped. Any leak current generated in the MCU due to high temperature or other condition can be stopped by turning the power off.

When S-19519 operation is turned ON,
 - The ultra-low current consumption reduces dark current at low loads.
 - High current output of 500mA and fast response ensure smooth operation at high loads.

S-19516/7 Series Download datasheet

S-19519 Series Download datasheet


・Constant-voltage power supply for automotive
   electric component, monitoring of microcontroller


Automotive Watchdog timer Lineup

Automotive Watchdog timer Selection Guide



Product name S-19516 Series
S-19517 Series
S-19519 Series
  For automotive For automotive
Output current 500mA 500mA
Output voltage 3.3 V , 5.0V 3.3 V , 5.0V
Output voltage
(Tj = −40°C to +150°C)
(Tj = −40°C to +150°C)
Current consumption 3.0 µA typ.
(During watchdog timer deactivation)
3.2 µA typ.
(During regulator operation,
during watchdog timer deactivation)
5.0µA typ.
(During watchdog timer activation)
(During regulator stop)
Watchdog mode Window mode Window mode
Package TO-252-9S, HSOP-8A TO-252-9S, HSOP-8A
Operation temperature range Ta=−40°C to +125°C Ta=−40°C to +125°C
Automotive quality    PPAP, AEC-Q100 qualified       PPAP, AEC-Q100 qualified   
Datasheet S-19516/7 Series Download datasheet S-19519 Series Download datasheet


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