Automotive, 125°C operation, 36V, supply voltage divided output,
window voltage detector with delay function (external setting)

S-191L/N Series


Challenges in building
functional safety

into an ECU or other automotive component

  •  The ECU should be able to ensure fail-stop and fail-operational (continued functionality)
    even in the event of a failure.

  • An IC with a simple circuit configuration that
     minimizes footprint,
     reduces standby current
     and provides highly accurate power supply monitoring
    is required.

ABLIC’s automotive battery monitoring IC, the first in the industry* with supply voltage divided output

S-191L/N Series
solves these challenges.

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The industry’s first* supply voltage divided output contributes to achieving functional safety



S-191L/N features; Built-in three voltage monitoring functions. Industry's first supply voltage divided output

 Supporting the achievement of functional safety

The appearance of autonomous driving have made it imperative that ECUs in automotive systems provide a variety of monitoring functions to support functional safety. S-191L/N Series...
- Has multiple voltage monitoring functions built in.
Overvoltage and undervoltage monitoring functions are built in.
It also has the industry's first* supply voltage divided output to help the microcontrollers in monitoring voltage.
No external parts are required to convert the high voltage supplied by a battery or other source to the voltage that can be input to microcontrollers.
- Needs fewer parts.
The high withstand voltage of 45V eliminates the need for the dividing resistors or switches required so far.
- Reduces standby current.
Lower current consumption because no dividing resistors are needed.

» What is Functional Safety?


 Contributes to fewer parts and lower standby current

In addition to built-in supply voltage divided output, S-191L/N Series offers high withstand voltage, needs no dividing resistors and enables direct battery monitoring.
S-191L/N Series comes in an ultra-small automotive HSNT-8(2030) package and has an ultra-low current consumption of 0.9μA.
A detection voltage monitoring accuracy of ±1.5% (over the entire temperature range) helps improve voltage monitoring accuracy.

S-191L/N Series SENSE detection

 Application of negative voltage enables direct battery monitoring

The detection voltage input pin (SENSE pin) has a wide rated voltage of -30 to 45V that can handle not only high voltage but also negative voltage input.
As a result, the SENSE pin can be connected before the reverse current protection diode.
This enables the SENSE pin to cancel out the lowering of detection accuracy caused by manufacturing variations of the reverse current protection diode to further enhance the high accuracy of voltage monitoring.
And since a reverse connection protection diode is connected between the SENSE and VSS pins, it will be able to handle tests for reverse battery connection even if it is connected before the reverse current protection diode.

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・Overvoltage detection of power supply for automotive electric component
・Automotive battery voltage detection

S-191L/N application

Automotive Battery Monitoring IC Product Lineup


Product name S-191L/N S-19113 S-19115 S-19117/9 S-191E
Application For Automotive
Operation voltage range 3.0V to 36.0V
Undervoltage detection 4.0V to 10.0V 4.0V to 10.0V - 4.0V to 10.0V 4.0V to 10.0V
Overvoltage detection 16.0V to 18.0V - 16.0V to 18.0V - 16.0V to 18.0V
Detection voltage accuracy ±1.5% (Tj = -40°C to +125°C)
Current consumption 0.9μA typ. 0.6μA typ. 0.6μA typ. 0.75μA typ. 0.9μA typ.
Supply voltage divided output 1/6, 1/8, 1/12, 1/14 - - 1/6, 1/8, 1/12, 1/14 -
Package HTMSOP-8,
Automotive quality AEC-Q100 qualified
PPAP capable
Operation temperature range Ta= -40°C to +125°C
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

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