105℃ Operation, 36V Input, Voltage Regulator

S-1213/1214 Series


in 24V/12V system household appliances and industrial

  • The need to meet a wide variety of operating environments
    High-withstand voltage and high temperature

  • Device multi-functionality has
     increased the amount of current required during operation

  • Even so, energy-saving requirements demand
     low current consumption

The 36V input, 105°C operation and
low-current consumption of

the S-1213/4 Series of LDO regulators meet these needs

S-1213 series (500mA)
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S-1214 series(1A)
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Our high-performance LDO features high-withstand voltage,
high-temperature operation and high-current capacity.


Meeting every need of household appliances and industrial equipment

Household appliance and industrial equipment needs have diversified. They need to operate in harsh environments, require more current to perform multiple functions, while also satisfying the need for lower current consumption.

The S-1213/4 LDO regulators are more than able to meet these requirements.

・Ensure stable operation in harsh temperature environments up to 105°C
・Handle the high current of equipment thanks to 500mA/1A output current
・Have a self-current consumption of 5.0μA contributing to energy saving (in MCU sleep mode)


High performance for greater ease of use

The industry’s top class load transient response characteristics
The S-1213/4 Series has an ultra-low self-current consumption without the trade-off in load transient response characteristics.
The transient response of this high output current voltage regulator places it in the industry’s top class.

High-withstand voltage and high output voltage
The S-1213/4 Series provides a high-withstand voltage of 36V enabling setting an output voltage of up to 30V with the use of an external resistor (in an external setting).


Housed in high-power dissipation package

The regulator is housed in a TO-252-5S(A) package that is compatible with the industry standard TO-252-5 package.

The TO-252-5S(A) occupies about 35% less board space than the TO-252-5 package and is only about half as thick while providing the same level of heat dissipation.

The new regulator achieves high power dissipation enabling high output current while also reducing its mounting area.

S-1213 series (500mA)
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S-1214 series (1A)
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Application Examples

・Constant-voltage power supply for home electric appliance
・Constant-voltage power supply for industrial equipment

General use  LDO regulator (Mid/High-Volt)  Lineup


Product name S-1213 series S-1214 series
  for general use for general use
Output current 500mA 1000mA
Output voltage
(internally set)
1.8 V, 3.0 V, 3.3 V,
5.0 V, 8.0 V, 12.0 V, 15.0 V
Output voltage
(externally set)
1.8 V to 30.0 V,
settable via external resistor
Input voltage 2.8 V to 36.0 V
Output voltage
±1.0% (Ta = +25°C)
Current consumption During operation : 5.0 μA typ. (Ta = +25°C)
           During power-off : 0.1 μA typ. (Ta = +25°C)           
Package TO-252-5S(A),
temperature range
Ta=−40°C to +105°C
Datasheet Download datasheet Download datasheet
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